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Custom Harley Davidson Parts

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Ball Mill Heel & Toe w Front Lever & Linkage kit 2017

Model: 2BMFTLKIT17

Sale Price:  $371.00

Ball Mill Heel & Toe w Front Lever & Linkage kit 2017 Features:

This combo kit comes with a 1" over stock toe & 1.5" over stock extended heel shifter, cover spacer, front trans lever and Linkage kit to match.
  • 2017 Touring Harley Davidson.The extended shifters provide more boot room on the floorboard giving you a safer, more comfortable fit. The extended heel with its schurated splines will allow the shifter to be adjusted lower nearly clearing the back of the floorboard pan. Will fit all applications of touring 2017. The cover spacer takes the place of the rubber hose currently behind the shifters. It is a patented part that has a vibration spring and thrust washer for smoother shift. Instructions included. The rear trans lever cover is a show polished stainless clamshell cover that encapsulates the rear trans lever without removing it.
  • note fits Harley touring models.
  • If a 1.5" extended toe is desired over the 1" email with the order and that change can be made when filling order.

    • Shipping Weight: 1lbs