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Custom Harley Davidson Parts

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2009-2013 ScreamIn Eagle/CVO Floorboard SP Kit black

Model: 109000SEB

Sale Price:  $50.00

2009-2013 ScreamIn Eagle/CVO Floorboard SP Kit black Features:

This floor board spacer kit moves the riders floorboard out 3/4 inch away from the frame of the bike giving more boot room. With our EXTENDED shifters it will give even more comfort and safety having the complete use of the boards without the hindrance of the heel or toe shifters in the way.
AND yes this is a black spacer kit for the CVO 2010 touring model , Harley Davidson came out with a select number of these black CVO's and we have the "exclusive" black oval CVO spacer just for you! NOTE::: THIS SPACER KIT WILL ONLY FIT UP TO 2013.

  • Shipping Weight: 4lbs